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" Change our clothes into clothes for service, clothes of humility. When we are in the prophetic voice we are in linen."

What Our Clients Say About Us

Wow.... I think I read your Dream interpretation 5 times, put it down, pondered on it and re read it. That is so spot on as to how my life has been. I cannot express to you just how much I am ministered to right now. So many years of waiting for an interpretation.... and it ministers to me more in my season now than had I gotten it earlier. I am writing this with big fat tears of much gratitude rolling down my cheeks right now. Thank you.


So true, big shift happened.Life is amazing. Thanks for your guidance. Will let you know when I remember my next dream


I attended the MBS festival in Sydney yesterday and had a fantastic reading with one of your readers( the lady with the purple hair)


I wish to thank the people at Dandenong market this morning. You have changed my health and mindset. Again.... Thankyou.


I met you today at Mornington, Jenny, and wanted to tell you how much more relaxed and positive I feel. Thank you so very much. 


Thank you so much to the guy & gals at Dandy market today, sorry forgot your names; was just what I needed today - some confirmations & healing as well, so many trials & tribulations have been happening. Thanks again for understanding


Today I went to the Mind Body Spirit festival in the city. Wow, I was blown away by how accurate a reading I had done by a lovely lady named Ally from Christalignment.


Very impressed by Christalignment insights from Spirit at Dandenong market which gave me answers to my questions. Authority, peace, transition, transformation to the Third Heaven. Bliss.


I went two times to Christalignment, both being very beneficial to me. I always believed in a higher power and intuitive souls, earth angels. Chau and the team helped me get some direction to where I am in life and some deep relief from a long 5 years of depression. I felt calm and accepted by this lovely group of souls. Thank you guys


Our Services

Spiritual consultations - help direct your path from a myriad of choices

Heaven encounters - where clients are able to see and hear for themselves

Spiritual cleansing - we specialise in getting rid of disabling negative entities 

Dream Interpretation - trained interpreters can make sense of the most difficult dream

Physical healing - quick, often immediate from team members gifted in healing

Relationship recovery - we offer help on difficult relationship situations

Henna Art - beautiful designs with our own artists, using organic henna

Destiny card readings - amazing, life changing using our own cards

Choosing a reader

If you go to the Christalignment team page, you may feel particularly drawn to just one person for your Destiny Reading.This can be arranged through our email. All readers hear from the spirit realm with equal clarity for you but obviously some have different giftings that will help you further.

In every Destiny Reading, we make sure all of your questions are addressed.

Dream Interpretation

Christalignment dream interpreters use the ancient Hebraic method to interpret symbols and meaning. Customers visiting us at festivals and the market have the option of emailing us a recurring coloured dream or a puzzling dream for our dream interpreters to unravel or coming in to see us in person.We do not interpret black and white dreams as these are coming to you from a much lower realm. Writing out and emailing your dream gives us the chance to ask the Spirit about the message being sent to you.

Which Realm?

All Christalignment team members operate only out of the third heaven realm. That means that we are all hearing from Christ spirit. This ensures safety for you and a way higher level of accuracy.

Answers will be clearer - healings more powerful and you will leave with a life changing experience.

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