About Us

“We are to tear down fortresses and we build up edifices. We prophesy living stones upon people."

About Us

The Christalignment team, based in Melbourne, Australia, are trained spiritual consultants, gifted in various modalities. We practice a form of supernatural healing that flows from the universal presence of the Christ.

We draw from the same divine energy of the Christ spirit , as ancient followers did and operate only out of the third heaven realm to gain insight and revelation.


Christalignment teams are trained in destiny reading, Presence therapy,trauma recovery, entity cleansing,relationship alignment and physical healing using divine energy. Dream interpretation is done using the Hebraic method which can facilitate deep spiritual alignment.

Christalignment encounters coming from the third heaven realm bring lasting life transformation and guidance.

 The team are trained as intuitive readers and will address all client questions.

Finding Christalignment

Get in touch with using our contact form to discuss reading bookings, current festivals and more.

We are based 4 days per week at Dandenong Market, Melbourne where clients can see us for private consultations. Team runs a fortnightly meditation group in the Dandenong area.

You can also find us on Facebook.

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