" Whatever is brought into the house had better have a way of being released from the house or it will die in the house"

Our adventure of different team members having the privilege to be up singing on the big stage has been awesome and is ongoing. Often we cannot rehearse together, coming from different states in Australia but the gifting is huge and the sound we hear even amazes us, the singers. It truly is the language of heaven that bypasses all pain and suffering, that offers hope and freedom to anyone that can accept it. We also honour the gifted background music composers from the team - all original music but especially Peter Dixon for his beautiful guitar work.We would love to hear from you the listener on our email.



At the end of this performance a young lady sought us out at the stand in there. She said: " You were speaking perfect English." I said: "What did we say?" She said: " You told me that today I will be healed from anxiety - forever, and as you said those words, it left."Others listening say to us it sounds like listening to angels singing. Others call it a " light" language but it certainly does not come from earth, it comes and fills from the highest realm and we could sing for hours.



The team have been so privileged to be up there releasing healing and freedom over the entire building of MBS many times over the last few years now. Often it is un rehearsed, team members having never sung together to the beautiful backing tracks  by ken Hodge, Peter Dixon and Jordan Ollington. We have also been fortunate to have Peter Dixon live on guitar.We speak in the language of heaven. This language cannot be translated though many scholars have tried.It brings joy and freedom.

Healing Spirit Song on stage at November 2019 MIND BODY SPIRIT

Brisbane Mind Body

On stage at Brissy MBS May was so special. Combining the Melbourne team with Brisbane meant that they had never sung together before but after the performance were many requests for CD's. Hope you enjoy it. Let the Spirit take over.

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