" Your destiny lies in you releasing other people into their destiny."


Confest is Australia's largest hippie, down to earth, back to nature festival. About 8,000 camp for 5 days  on a beautiful bush site in southern NSW near Moulamein. 

The Christalignment team runs the Presence Tent village and in this space, for 5 days, we offer 7 one hour workshops per day. Our most popular ones being the 4 hours of Destiny Readings, where we usually have to turn at least 100 people away each day, so great is the demand for these life changing readings. Queues form in the early morning as the team sets up the tent. If we took 50 readers with us, the demand would still not be met.People are looking for life answers and more particularly, clear spiritual direction amidst a myriad of new age modalities offered out there.

Everything is offered free at Confest with no exchange of money and our artists have done over the years, literally hundreds of beautiful organic henna drawings on clients as they wait for our workshops. Team also offer the Healing Tents, Dream Interpretation, and crazy fun workshops.

All photos and videos taken at Confest are always with the client's permission and we are very careful about this as we want to respect people's privacy but we also want to protect the amazing and personal encounters people have just had with us in our tent.These matter to us - the people matter to us.

Confest would have to be our fav festival, perhaps because we are really hippies at heart!! We get to share the love!!! And wear the clothes.

" Love is an action word. If you're not moving with the love, you're not moving with the Dove"



What an incredible and marvelous adventure as the team got to be with and release encounters on at least 500 beautiful souls. It was our joy and privilege for 4 days to run 7 one hour workshops per day in the Presence Tent with laughter,tears and amazing Spirit experiences with friends. Newcomer to our ground was our successful colourful Healing Tent in which many lives were set free forever. 

Confest 2018

This year Confest moved to a new location which had a quite different feel to previous years. we liked it better. Setting up the tent involved 6 hours hard yakka of clearing new ground of bindis with a lovely goanna watching.But the new spacious site proved to be our best out of all years as once again the incredible smaller team delivered up to 160 Destiny Readings per day over the 4 days and saw, talked to, loved, hugged,helped & healed hundreds of Confesters who know and love  the Presence Tent

Beautiful client shares how his reading went with Kirsten

Meditation Bracelets workshop

Ally on henna for 2 hours

Wendy travelled all the way from USA to be with us

Spirit Rain Dancing

It was fun all the way for the team

Late in the day Presence Tent runs drumming with joining in

Team sort cards in between free reading workshops

The Healing Tent. Occupied for most of each day with healings resulting

Overall view of our beautiful site

beautiful tent

Silvy on drums

A break in between readings, ken attempts to provide shade from hot afternoon sun

Confest 2019

Still on the new site, the team spent 2 hot days clearing bindies and logs before we could erect the red tent and our beautiful new ex army 1960 pink parachute which provided the much needed shade for daily workshops. The number of clients has more than doubled since our very first Confest as now we are well known for providing wonderful destiny readings and healing and barefooted hippies braved the bindies each day to get a spot.So this year we expanded to 3 healing stations ( one tent and 2 tree logs)and more reading area. Over 400 clients came each day for readings but we had to turn away 200 as the team was not big enough to cope with the demand.But most clients were more than happy to patiently wait their turn, happy knowing they could return the following day, see a different team member and receive a different blessing.

                     CONFEST 2023

What an incredible easter this was. Our best yet. we were joined by the amazing German team who added so much to highly fun, creative workshops and who are all incredible seers in their own right. This was our first year officially as Presence Tent Village and we added in another colourful healing tent which was occupied for most of the festival. Always there are queues for Presence Tent Destiny Readings and this easter the team did approx 140 readings per day and at least 3 other fun workshops per day. Confest is a unique, life changing experience. There are prob not that many other places in the world where people can be themselves, have so much joy and get deep spiritual needs met.