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Our Cards lead the way.......

" You can't come into your destiny until you take responsibility for your own life."

The Christalignment team use at least 5 different types of cards in Destiny Readings. These are not necessary for an intuitive reader, as we are all hearing from the third heaven realm, but greatly enhance the reading.

We believe they are more predictive and higher than most cards, and can address a current life question that you may have. Card readings with Christalignment are always followed by the reader taking the client into an encounter in the highest realm. Often colour is seen and it is in this realm that answers come for poignant questions that clients have and lives are changed.


We call our artists prophetic. That means that as intuitive readers themselves and artists able to connect with spirit, their art work carries meaning and power to change lives. Each painting has been done through connection to the third heaven realm. 

Unfortunately our unique destiny cards are not for sale, as all images are copy written and we prefer to keep them for use with in the team.

Artist Rob 

Artist Ilse 

Artist Shek 

Atist Kayleen 





Colour Card Readings

Colour cards can be used in several different ways. Team member Nan uses them to enhance her reading with coloured agate stones. Colours have had an important role to play spirituality in history and have significant meanings in the dream state. As they are imbued with meaning and power, these readings can really change lives and give comfort and hope.

Animal Card Readings

Many people sympathize with animals and in a reading,using these cards, 3 will be visualised in the encounter. The meaning of theanimal will have great significance to the client and could give deep insightto life issues and feelings,

Psalm Card Readings

Psalm readings are similar to other card readings where only three cards are used and these will possibly represent your past, present and future.Clients are able to interpret the beautiful images on the front of the card and we interpret the ancient writings on the back.

Destiny Readings

Our unique Destiny cards, which we have developed, are so accurate, that even if your life circumstances change dramatically, on your return to do them again years later, you will find the results identical, such is their accuracy.They are able to give profound insight into relationships, career and spiritual life.

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