" Your destiny lies in you releasing other people into their destiny."


Confest is Australia's largest hippie, down to earth festival. About 8,000 camp for 5 days  on a beautiful bush site in southern NSW. 

The Christalignment team runs the Presence Tent and in this space, for 4 days, we offer 7 one hour workshops per day. Our most popular ones being the 3 hours of Destiny Readings, where we usually have to turn away 100 people a day, so great is the demand for these life changing readings.  

Everything is offered free at Confest with no exchange of money and our artists literally do hundreds of beautiful organic henna drawings on clients as they wait for our workshops. Team also offer Root Recovery, the Healing Tent, Dream Interpretation, and so much more.

Confest would have to be our fav festival, perhaps because we are really hippies at heart!!

Confest 2017

" Love is an action word. If you're not moving with the love, you're not moving with the Dove"


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What an incredible and marvelous adventure as the team got to be with and release encounters on at least 500 beautiful souls. It was our joy and privilege for 4 days to run 7 one hour workshops per day in the Presence Tent with laughter,tears and amazing Spirit experiences with friends. Newcomer to our ground was our successful colourful Healing Tent in which many lives were set free forever. 

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